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CURE Childhood Cancer Association was formed in Rochester, NY in 1976 by a group of parents who lost their children to cancer. They wanted to provide support to parents going through the same experience, as well as raise money for cancer research. Today, CURE is the only organization in Rochester focused solely on meeting the emotional, social, financial, and educational needs of children diagnosed with cancer and chronic blood disorders.

Create Your Own Fundraiser

It can be any kind of event you like: a garage sale, an art show, a sporting event, a dress down/up day at work, a concert, a wine tasting – you name it!

Be creative, and more importantly, have fun for a good cause. By organizing a fundraiser to benefit the CURE Childhood Cancer Association, you are helping hundreds of LOCAL families coping with childhood cancer & chronic blood disorders.

Here are some guidelines for how to host an event and how we can assist you with your planning.


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