A note from Adella

When I started as Parent Advocate two years ago, I distinctly remember asking Kiersten, who was training me at the time, “So, let me get this right, I just have to talk to people and support them?”  I remember thinking, “how easy”.  Little did I know, it’s not at all easy.

Nine years ago and a million memories have passed since our daughter, Kaytee, battled Leukemia.  Every day was a struggle.  Every single day!  An abnormal norm became our routine and we found ourselves part of a new family.  A family made of nurses, doctors and healthcare workers, as well as fellow fighters and caregivers.  You know when you are in the presence of those who have walked the road you now find yourself on, because a type of soft kindness comes over their eyes and their entire posture changes.  You become a listener and postulate an air of understanding, because you do.  So, I found that when I spoke with families that had just been diagnosed, or that have been on the front lines for years, these characteristics became a part of who I became.

Over the past two years, I’ve met many new families.  I’ve laughed with some and cried with others.  I’ve seen some win the fight and a few take their last breaths.  For those of you that know me, you know that each experience has had a profound effect on me, personally.  Getting to know you, your child and your entire family, has been the biggest honor in my life.  I want everyone to know that I will never forget any one of you.  You have helped me heal from my own personal journey with my daughter and the difficulties I experienced with that.  You’ve allowed me to share some of the most difficult times of your lives and I hope that I was able to help with a caring and understanding ear.

I would like to leave with a quote I recently found.

Thank you everyone.  Thank you so very much…

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Holiday Heroes

Recently, a bell was donated by a local CURE family to the pediatric oncology unit.  When the final chemotherapy treatment has been administered, the child is invited to ring that bell. The sweet sound of hope rings for everyone to hear. The sound of survivorship is increasing. Increased survivorship comes with challenges, however. Educational assistance provided by an educational liaison or our BOOST tutors program has increased. Maintenance medications and additional doctor’s appointments arise. Families need support – both financially and through CURE offering fun programming that allows them to create happy memories together.

YOU can make a difference to our CURE families by honoring a hero in your life. The CURE Childhood Cancer Association Holiday Heroes Campaign gives you the opportunity to recognize a hero in your life all while helping local families coping with childhood cancer and chronic blood disorders.

All of messages and ads will be featured in the Messenger Post newspapers throughout Monroe, Wayne, Ontario and Yates Counties the week of Christmas. Ads and messages will also be available for viewing online on both CURE’S website as well as the Messenger Post website, MPNNow.com, which will allow you to share your ad with friends and family from outside the area.

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