As you may know, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary here at CURE. We have been in the community making a difference to families being treated at Strong (Golisano Children’s Hospital) for 40 years! We are funded primarily through internal fundraisers, one of which is RAPIDLY approaching on April 30th. We’ve set an aggressive goal of $20,000 and we know we can do it with your help. As of today, here is where we are at with our goal:CURE-fk_thermometer2-01

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YOU have all helped us to assist families throughout the past.

Are you thinking to yourself: “There are SO MANY organizations that help families in Rochester. Why should I choose CURE?

We started asking the question: “Why CURE?”

Here are some of our findings:

It seems only fitting that I start things off, as Executive Director of CURE. For those of you who don’t know me, I have my background in Accounting. Community service and helping those around me is something that is rooted deep in my soul, planted within me by my parents, who believe in the spirit of giving and helping those around you. This idea runs through to my core. Working in the business world, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled – I knew I had more to give. I started volunteering with CURE, created my own fundraising event, joined the Board of Directors and eventually joined the Staff. But why? I truly want to help the families CURE helps. If I was in their position, I would want someone like me fighting for my family, doing whatever they could to help in whichever way they could. That’s why CURE is here. I am constantly inspired by our CURE families, who may be experiencing the most difficult days of their lives, yet they make it through…with grace and courage and strength. CURE families inspire me to face each day with grace…and strength…and courage…and kindness. I consistently am amazed by the kindness shown by our CURE families for each other.


Longtime Volunteer: “YOU! Seriously, CURE is so small. I know I am really needed and can really do something and I always feel like I’m appreciated and making a difference. Some other organizations take their volunteers too much for granted. What drew me to CURE is the fact that CURE is hands on with the families as opposed to organizations that fund research. I know both are important but I would rather see what we are doing is helping as opposed to the wait and see what happens in the long run.”


CURE dad: “CURE made a direct connection with us from the get go…The other organizations didn’t come around for awhile. And some didn’t offer much help.”


We will share more stories like this in the coming months, but for now, we ask you…