My Last Day as a CURE Employee

Is in two words..Bitter Sweet

I am the type of person to not let a good opportunity pass me by. I am young and have a long adventurous road ahead of me. I was offered a job to teach little kids and I am ecstatic to start. Since I was little, I always saw my future working with younger children. I am excited to start my new adventure but will definitely miss working at CURE and working with all the amazing people who are involved. I will forever cherish each moment I was able to spend and work with the people I have. Working here has opened up a door to meeting the MOST amazing and generous people. I have met the strongest CURE families and kids and they have shown me that you can get through anything that comes your way. This is not the last time I will ever work with CURE…I will be volunteering from here on out and will always continue to be involved. I am thankful for the opportunities and experiences CURE has given to me. I would like to thank everyone who I have met working at CURE for showing me what true generosity, faithfulness and hard work looks like.