Margaret-Hummel2-292x300Margaret Hummel did not have children of her own, but wanted to leave a lasting legacy that would continue to help local children.  She made a provision in her will to support CURE’s mission to continue to help families and children diagnosed with chronic illness. Today, that gift helps to support and sustain CURE’s programs.

How can I become a member of the Margaret Hummel Society?

If you have included CURE in your estate, retirement or life insurance plans, or have made CURE a beneficiary of an irrevocable life income gift, you may become a member of the Margaret Hummel Society.

Why is it important to let CURE know if I have made long-range plans?

Gifts like Mrs. Hummel’s have helped to strengthen CURE by insuring that a funding stream for programs and services will be available long into the future. It is important to let us know your plans, so we have an opportunity to thank you now for caring about the future of CURE Childhood Cancer Association.

If you chose, your name will be listed here with others that have made similar gifts. Or if you prefer, CURE will keep all information you share with us confidential ,and maintain your anonymity.

Members of the Margaret Hummel Society

  • Deb and Sal Fasciano
  • David and Mary Gallis
  • Marc and Roberta Johnson
  • Roger and Linda Morrison
  • Brian B. Wirth

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